Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Messer's Annual Ocracoke Vacation

Every year Eric and I make a trip to Ocracoke to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  We started our honeymoon in Ocracoke so we like to come back every year to eat a burger at Howard's Pub and just spend some quality time with one another.  This year the trip was a little early because our schedule for August is SUPER busy with baby stuff. Plus I didn't want to be too pregnant and miserable for the trip.  I swear I was the only pregnant woman on the Island!!!  We couldn't do too much fun exciting activities like we normally do because I was pregnant, so poor Eric was a little bored.  We did manage to eat A LOT of great food and build a freakin AWESOME sandcastle.  The best part about the trip was I got to use my new lens Eric bought me as an early anniversary present.