Sunday, January 23, 2011

Who's Your Daddy?

Two weekends ago was all about the baby shower for the Second Cousin In-law Lauren.  Well, last weekend was all about a Baby Daddy Dinner for her Husband Josh.  I got the grand idea that Josh deserved a celebration just as much as Lauren.  So I threw together a little dinner at a local Italian restaurant, Finelli's Cafe.  There was food, drinks, cake, party favors, gag gifts for the dad, and a whole bunch of good times!  I apologize for the poor quality of pictures... the room was extremely dim and the entire room was red so the colors were not too great.  Plus I had several glasses of wine... we all know my picture taking skills decrease immensely after a few glasses of anything!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ben Hartman is a winner in my book!

Okay, so I'm not talking about Ben Hartman... yeah, you know the one who missed the three kicks in the Liberty Bowl January 2nd, 2010 when ECU faced Arkansas.  Ugh those dreadful missed kicks...  

Well, unlike most of East Carolina University my coworker Gina had a soft spot for ol' Ben Hartman.  So what did she do when she got a new puppy for Christmas you ask? Well obviously she named it Ben Hartman!  Baby Ben Hartman was in need of a babysitter this weekend while his family headed out of town for the long weekend.  Eric and I jumped at the opportunity to keep Baby Ben... so here are some of our adventures with Baby Ben Hartman this past weekend!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Second Cousin In-Law's Baby Shower

So my 2nd cousin Josh (who is more close to my age than his mother who is my 1st cousin) married this chick named Lauren.  She's a pretty great gal and I love to refer to her as my Second Cousin In-Law.  Well see Josh and Lauren made a baby which is my soon to be 3rd cousin... I know I know, I have a crazy confusing family tree!  I'm so excited to meet this kid.  I don't have any brothers or sisters so the only nieces and nephews I have are from Eric's family.  But then there is Josh... whether he likes it or not I consider him like a brother.  I mean we argue like brother and sister and pick on each other constantly.  So this kid who they will be naming Sawyer is going to kind of be like my nephew.... AND I'M GOING TO SPOIL HIM ROTTEN :)  So here are a few shots from Lauren's baby shower thrown by my side of the family