Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aarrgghh... Baby Shower #3

On Saturday my fabulous Second Cousin In Law Lauren and her Hubby threw Eric and I a Pirate Baby Shower.  Considering my baby boy will be due right in the middle of football season he definitely needed to stock up on some pirate gear... and boy is he stocked up now!  Unfortunately, I did not take too many pictures during this shower because there was just so much going on. I tried to at least get pictures of all the cute crafty things that Lauren made for the party.  From the football shaped rice crispy treats to the pirate diaper wreath she went WAY out of the way to make this a special day.  And the best part of the shower was the fact that all the boys got to "play" and the girls got to sit and chat and talk about babies! I think my favorite part of the shower (besides all the awesome gifts) was the "Wishes for Baby" that everyone had to fill out.  Let's just say all the boys had very creative wishes for baby Wallace. I will have to take pictures of all the wonderful gifts and post a blog dedicated to Wallace's pirate apparel. Until then enjoy some pics from the wonderful Pirate Shower!



  1. what in the WORLD is my husband DOING in that one picture?!?! At least all his necessary parts are covered, I heard he kept exposing himself during that flipcup game....

  2. What fun! I'm so sad I've missed out on all the baby shower excitement!

  3. It's ok Melody... you can spoil Sawyer and Wallace during Christmas to make up for it :)