Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We Are The Pirates of ECU!

One of my greatest loves EVER is ECU Football!  It pretty much consumes my life during the fall.  Not only do I attend the games but I also tailgate before each game.  My husband Eric and I have a tailgating spot next to our friend's Kathryn and Terry Gore.  Most of our friends congregate at our spot for tailgating.. . Probably because we always have awesome food!!!! This season was filled with tons of fun, tons of food, and tons of alcohol. We met so many new friends and hung out with old friends.  So what if ECU didn't have the greatest record ever this season... At least we had a fabulous tailgating record :)  So now that football is over this year I wanted to post a few of my favorite shots from the season. 
Go Pirates... Aarrgghh!


  1. the pic you took of Josh and I above is by far my favorite pregnant photo :)

  2. I just wish my ISO settings weren't off that day... That's what I get for drinking and photographing :(