Sunday, January 9, 2011

So it's a little late... But hey it's better than nothing!

Back track with me to Christmas 2010... yeah I know it was awhile ago but just try.  Well, low and behold NC had a white Christmas!!!  Unfortunately, it was Christmas night but hey a white Christmas is a white Christmas... doesn't matter what time the snow fell.  I didn't even get to play in it until the day after Christmas but boy was it fun.  Mellow, my adorable spoiled rotten dog enjoyed the snow the most.  He threw on his fabulous new fleece he got for Christmas, and ran and ran and ran until his little frozen paws couldn't take it anymore.  Most of the pictures are from my parents home in Wake Forest but some shots are from my house.  When we arrived back in Winterville there was still tons of snow on the ground so I was able to get a few shots of my house covered in snow. Here are a few shots of our adventures in the snow.

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  1. loving Mel's coat and I am giving you an award on my blog tomorrow, so be on the lookout :)