Friday, April 29, 2011

Around Phoenix Day 3 & 4

By day 3 we were pros at getting around Phoenix, although there wasn't really too much to see.  The afternoon schedule for our conference did not appeal to us so we ventured out for a little fun.  Our first stop was ASU's downtown campus library.  I mean we are library people so we had to check out a library.  Then we enjoyed a smoothie at a cute cafe on campus.  After the campus visit we made our way to the open air market.  They had tons of local produce and yes homemade tamales.  I had never had a tamale before so Ginny and I split one... SO YUMMY! After filling our tummies we explored some more which is when we found this cute little park next to a church.  Ginny had fun posing with the statues of little children... she fit right in with them.  Day 4 was spent in the conference ALL DAY.  During lunch we sat with this super nice guy from Kentucky who had been in Phoenix for 9 days and he really got the scoop on the local scene.  He told us about some cool record shops we had to check out... so when the conference was finally over (and I won my iPad) we made our way to Stinkweeds Record Shop.  The store was awesome and we found some really unique stuff in there.  The dude who worked there was beyond nice and he told us about the local scene and tons of things to do... unfortunately it was our last night and we weren't able to do anything :(

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