Friday, April 29, 2011

Lil Wayne invades Phoenix

After a long first day of the COSUGI 2011 conference we decided to hit the streets of Phoenix to see what the place was all about.  Well, we found out that Phoenix really had nothing at all except for some bums on each and every corner.  We stumbled upon a block near the US Airways center where there was a lot of commotion.  We found out that Lil Wayne was having a concert that evening and fans were heading to the coliseum.  Outside of the US Airways Center there were a few radio stations that were set up and it looked like they were having several contests going on.  There was a group of kids that appeared to be some type of dance group performing for the fans.  THESE KIDS ROCKED!  We seriously watched them forever.  They also had a "drum off" going down right next to the dancers.  The dancers and the drummers were amazing and were definitely the highlight of our trip.  That's why they get their very own post!

This little girl was just a Lil Weezy fan that was dying to get her picture taken!!

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