Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who's the proud new owner of an iPad? THIS GIRL!

Last week I had the opportunity to travel with two of my coworkers to Phoenix, Arizona for a conference.  Here is a little about the conference straight from the conference website....
The COSUGI 2011 Conference was designed as a venue for customers of SirsiDynix to learn new methods, best practices, tips & tricks from other libraries and connect with our peers from around the globe. This year the conference agenda included a variety of sessions that interested attendees regardless of the Integrated Library System (ILS) product they license.

During the opening session the SirsiDynix team announced they would be having a contest for the best photos taken at the conference...the winner would receive an iPad.  They wanted us to post our pictures throughout the week on their Facebook page.  They announced the winner during the closing session on Thursday... and yep I won! 

Here are the photos I took...

Tuesday's afternoon snack... They were so looking out for this pregnant girl :)

Ginny was my model... she was hanging by the pool going over the conference agenda.

Michael checking the conference twitter feed from his iPhone poolside.

SirsiDynix hosted a party Wednesday night... This lady was performing behind the bar... in a tube.

Library people really like to party.. and hula hoop.

There was a fortune teller at the party... apparently I'm going to have a girl not a boy like my doctor said.

The man had awesome pirate shoes.

Dance Floor!

These two never stopped dancing.

Her nickname is Spikey... she had a blast.

Bill Davidson the COO of SirsiDynix... he was all about the fist pumping.

Matt Hawkins CEO of SirsiDynix with Bill Davidson

CEO and Ginny

In his own little world.

Our DJ for the evening.

Fun is written all over his face.

Ginny was too cute.

Shake what ya momma gave you.

This was the only move this man had!

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  1. very, very jealous of your iPad! see you saturday darling.